The UAMS Parents Club Student Center

The sole mission of the UAMS Parents Club is to improve the lives of students at UAMS College of Medicine. We do this through financial aid opportunities, events for students, and also through student resources. We not only want to improve the lifestyle of UAMS College of Medicine students, but we also want to put them in a position to succeed. Our work with the student center does that.

What is the Student Center?

When the student center was opened back in 2010, it was opened specifically for students of the UAMS College of Medicine. While the area has a variety of different purposes, this is a perfect space for students to get away from the rigors of the classroom or the hospital for a study break, a lunch break, or just a cup of coffee. There is plenty of seating and space for students to study and rest without having to go back to their home.

Contact UAMS Parents Club for more information about the Student Center

The student center is something that the UAMS Parents Club is extremely proud of and we want the students of UAMS College of Medicine to take full advantage of it. For more information on the student center, you can get in touch with us online today.

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